Baily read it and her frown turned it upside down. She began smiling like crazy and Shayna right a way knew that she had been forgiven. They gave each other a big, bear hug, and both of them began crying tears of joy. They were so happy that their conflict was finally over, and they were looking forward to the future. Last week, they had prayed so much to Hashem because they wanted to be friends again, and they were so happy that Hashem answered their prayers. They knew that both of them were meant to be best friends forever and that nothing could come between them.


They went running home because they were so excited to tell their parents that they were friends again. This fight lasted so long that they couldn’t imagine that their relationship was ever going to be rebuilt. Later that night, they had a big sleepover, and they made cookies and ate popcorn. They had such a good time, and they forgot about everything that had happened. Every relationship has bumps, but those bumps can’t stop someone from going forward.


Shabbat Shalom!




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