The two men stood before the Pharaoh, and one spoke:  “My name is Aaron, this is my brother Moses. Hashem commands that you let his people, the Hebrews go.”

“This some kind of reenactment of the Exodus?” Wondered Emmy, and she made sure her camera had a good view.
Pharaoh fell off his throne laughing.
Moses and Aaron gave each other a knowing look. Aaron stepped forwards, and threw down his staff.
The staff shivered, and looked like smoke. The smoke twisted around, and began to look solid. A viper rose, and hissed menacingly at Pharaoh.
“Wow, what great effects!” Emmy thought. “It’s likes it’s real! I wonder if I stumbled into a movie set or something… Or if I actually have gone back in time!”
Pharaoh looked horrified, and called forth his own magicians and priests.
They all threw down their staffs, and snakes arose. Emmy watched, fascinated, and gasped in horror when a snake slithered by and touched her foot. She stumbled away, falling out of the plant. Everyone stared, but turned back towards the snakes.
Emmy rushed out of the throne room, to find a place to sit down and think.