A fantastic story of the Exodus told from the perspective of a teenage girl.

Emmy was running late for school, and she had forgot her homework. Just as she had gotten on the bus she realized this.
“Ugh!” Emmy groaned, “Again? What kind of excuse can I provide this time? That I was up too late texting my friend?”
Emmy decided to try to write a little report on the events that had passed causing her to forget her history homework… maybe she could get credit for that?
Then, Emmy realized she had also forgotten what subject in history she was studying. “WHY?!” cried Emmy out loud… then she noticed everyone on the bus was staring at her.
Her friend Tessa asked quietly, “Are you okay, Emmy?”

“Just fine…” Emmy replied and sank deep into her seat. “Wish I could time travel…” she muttered under her breath.

Suddenly, Emmy felt like the seat of the bus was swallowing her! “Help!” Emmy panicked, she groped around in darkness, looking for something to hold on. Emmy felt like she was falling into a huge hourglass, then a flash of light, she landed by a large village, full of tired looking people. Looking around, Emmy saw that the village was between a city and the sea.

“Pardon me,” Emmy asked a teenage boy, “what is the name of this village?”
The boy looked annoyed and replied, “You’re in Goshen. Remember? We have to get to work.”
“Work?” Emmy replied, nervously, “What do you mean?”
The boy looked really annoyed. “Work. For the Pharaoh.” He glanced at a group of people leaving. “Did you hit your head?”
Emmy stalked away, annoyed by the boy’s weird answer. She checked her backpack to make sure she still had everything. “Oh, good.” She sighed, relived that nothing was gone. She took out her phone and tried to text Tessa.
“Ugh! No wi-fi! The camera still works though.” she grumbled, and then suddenly she heard someone shout, “It’s Moshe! Miriam and Aaron’s little brother is back!”
This was starting to sound familiar! Where had she heard those names?

Emmy followed the crowd of people pushing towards a big fancy building. There were guards… “I hope I look VIP enough to be let in.” thought Emmy.
Emmy ducked behind a lady with a pretty braids and modest dress. The lady was following a man, and his two sons. “Tzipporah, stay out here, boys, stay with your mother.” the man said. He was wearing a tunic and jacket. In his right hand he carried a staff.
The man walked in, next to him was an older man who looked a lot like him.
Emmy snuck in through the doors that looked like they were intended for VIPs only. She sat back turned on the video camera on her phone and listened.