Emmy looked at the pictures and videos she had taken during the time she had been here. Wherever ‘here’ was… This was going to make an awesome report and excuse for the class she was very, very late for… Moses and Aaron came in the house around dinner time, and announced they were going to see Pharaoh again. Emmy tried to remember what plague came next. The next day, she followed Moses and Aaron silently, back through the grand doors. Pharaoh looked a little nervous but steeled himself against anything they had to say.

Aaron said, “Let my people go. If you refuse, I will bring another plague upon all Egypt. All of the livestock belonging to the Egyptians will die. Cattle, plow horses, goats. But there will be a distinction between the people of Israel’s livestock and the Egyptians livestock. The people of Israel’s livestock will be untouched by this plague.”

Pharaoh rolled his eyes, yawning. “Bye, bye!” He called to Moses and Aaron, as they were pushed out of the throne room. The next day, all of Egypt’s livestock started dying. You would walk past a perfectly heathy looking cow, and boom! The cow was suddenly dead, foaming at the mouth. Pharaoh sent someone to see how the people of Israel’s livestock were doing.
Not one animal had died. It seemed they had increased!