Emmy sat outside of a city of Egypt watching the people scream helplessly at the tiny bugs. Kinda amusing.

A small feeling of pity rose, and went away, when she remembered how Pharaoh treated the people of Israel.

Moses and Aaron came out of Goshen, and headed towards Pharaoh’s palace.
Emmy followed eagerly.

Walking through the grand doors of the throne room, Emmy tried her best not to snicker. Pharaoh had a really bad day… Bug bites all over him, all his magicians in chains, his gods failing to protect him from tiny little bugs.

“Go!” Pharaoh shrieked,  “Pray for me…”
Aaron replied, “We will leave, and pray to depart the swarm from you and your people’s dwelling.”

Moses and Aaron prayed outside of the palace, and all the swarms left all of Egypt.

Pharaoh saw the insects were gone. “I’m not letting the Hebrews go.” He decided.

He shouted this to Moses and Aaron from his palace. Emmy was getting annoyed with this guy.