Emmy followed Moses and Aaron to the palace to meet with Pharaoh.

Pharaoh sat in his fancy throne, looking slightly green, and said,

“Pray to take the frogs away from me and my people, and I will let the Hebrews go.”

They agreed to this, and the meeting was over. Moses prayed concerning the frogs. All the frogs died, in homes temples, fields. Everywhere.

The smell was horrible. But Pharaoh saw the frogs were no longer a huge problem; he hardened his heart, and would not let the Hebrews go.

Emmy was really annoyed by this guy…

Back in Goshen, Emmy looked at all the pictures and videos she has from just a few days!
“Wow, this will be the best excuse for missing school ever!”

“Moses…” Emmy heard a voice from outside. She peeked out the window, and watched.

“Tell Aaron, stretch your staff and strike the ground.” Then, Moses replied humbly.

Moses and Aaron went a short distance from Goshen with their staffs.

Aaron smacked the ground with his staff. There was a satisfying poof sound, and little bugs came flying out of everywhere away from Goshen.

Emmy grinned and followed the gnats back to the palace with her video camera and asked the Pharaoh,

“What are your thoughts on this new plague, sir?”

“Get out!” Screamed the Pharaoh. He was in a bad mood because his magicians were not able to conjure up gnats.

Emmy grinned and looked at her camera smiling, “That is the reaction of the 3rd plague.”