Hadassah is a proud Jewish wife with a caring husband and wonderful friends. The only blight is her lack of children, but she prays every day and hopes for her prayers to be answered soon.

But suddenly, everything changes. She must leave her husband, friends, and even her very name behind to go live in the palace, and before she can fully understand what is happening, she becomes the new queen. Hadassah, now known as Esther, has no choice but to hide her true identity while quietly sacrificing everything she ever cared about.

When Esther learns of a threat to her people, it seems she may be the only one who can save them. However, is she willing to risk her life to save the Jews? Even if she does, is it worth it if it means she will have to give up something infinitely more precious to her- the one hope that has carried her through the darkest days in this gilded cage?

Sorele Brownstein has created a wonderful story, told with a fresh voice and vivid imagery. I particularly liked the added characters, such as Shulamit and Nashiram, who enhanced the flavor of the story. I look forward to reading more from this phenomenal new author!