Beyond Words

BS”D The cavernous room falls silent Shining eyes gaze The moment we’ve been building up to The dam within the soul is ready to be unleashed He lifts the twisted horn to his lips The […]

Parshat Vayikra: Of Sacrifices and Secrets of the Heart

BS”D I would like to dedicate this parsha post l’ilui nishmas Rashi Minkowicz, Rashi bas Sara who was taken too soon; an Aishes Chayil and outstanding, devoted shlucha, who touched innumerable lives, ignited Jewish sparks, and […]

Thank You Rebbe…

BS”D I share these thoughts and thanks today with all of you, my friends, in loving memory of the Rebbe. If it weren’t for the Rebbe and his Shluchim that he sent out worldwide (they […]

A Spark From The Past

BH   Two weeks ago, on Shabbos, Hashem blessed me with the precious opportunity to do some kiruv– to reach out to a fellow Jew, and draw them with warmth and love, closer to the […]

Parshat Yisro: What’s in a Name?

BH Hello everyone, and good (erev) Shabbos! This week’s Parsha is named after Yisro, “kohain Midyan, chosein Moshe – priest of Midyan, father-in-law of Moses”, as he is described in the beginning of the parsha. […]

Chassidus 101: Tanya

By Tori Bischoff, S. Petersburg, FL The change is not in the body, but in the soul. The human condition is a clash of wills, according to the Alter Rebbe, Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi. Between […]