At the height of the month, at the most jubilant day of their life,
On the day that they’d become a wife,
Bnos Yisrael showed what selfless means:
They were willing to sacrifice their dreams…
They knew that so much lies behind the dress –
That behind appearances lies a neshama – infiniteness,
In each Yid, so much we don’t know,
So much that we can learn from and grow.
Rich, poor, plain, beautiful,
They knew didn’t matter at all;
Switched dresses, those skinny and wide,
‘Cause they knew that only matters is what’s inside.
‘Cause in each Yid, there’s so much we have yet to know,
That if we only looked for, we’d smile and grow.
If we see the beauty in each other, know that we’re all children of Hashem,
That we have inherent beauty, an inherent gem,.
If we reach out to others, show love to them, the way we should,
We’ll merit Moshiach, the ultimate happiness and good.