Behind the exterior of each of us,
Dwells a Neshama breathed into us;
Behind the exterior of us all,
Glistens so bright a gem, a soul.
Behind the temporary exterior, we are the same,
So why is this world a judging game?
Our looks, our appearances, are really all vain;
If we saw and noticed the soul in others, so much more we’d gain.
Behind the exterior of each human being,
Lies aspirations, talents, opinions, uniqueness and feelings.
If each time instead of the way we look
At how well dressed the person is, or how well they cook,
How bad they danced, “How could they wear the dress from last season?”
Maybe… we should think they must have a reason.
Humans are often wired to judge, yet Chassidus does tell,
That we as Yidden can rise above our nature well.
If we’d notice, when we see 
A Yid – not their box, but jewelry,
The world would be judgement, criticism and stigma-free.
We’d not need to live up to a standard of impossibility,
Of needing to buy $1000 dresses every week,
And needing to make our hair styled so sleek.
Dance like a ballerina, or else you don’t belong;
Honestly, why do we have to judge others?  It’s very wrong!
So, remember, that in each of us is a jewel that shines,
That stays as bright, regardless of actions, its exteriors and experiences through times.
One action of judging favourably,
Will bring Moshiach and make the world the best it can be.