Why Do We Want to Listen to Jewish Music?

BS”D Benny Friedman, Mordechai ben David, Yaakov Shwekey, Gad Elbaz, Dovid Pearlman, the Maccabeats, Shaindel Antelis, Chanale Fellig, Rivka Leah Cylich, Bulletproof Stockings… Jewish singers are numerous, and all stars…and multi-faceted ones at that!  Like […]

Parshat Sheilach: “Don’t Make Me Do It!”

BH Hello everyone, and Good Erev Shabbos! These divrei Torah are dedicated as a zechus for a Refuah Shelemah for Chana bas Mushka. Last week, I had the good fortune of attending a Sheva Brachos […]

A Candle in Someone’s Heart by Leah Amzalak

BH Light a candle in someone’s heart. Lighting a candle in a heart means lighting up someone’s neshama (soul). You can do that by teaching them about Torah and mitzvot. That will take us out […]

A Spark From The Past

BH   Two weeks ago, on Shabbos, Hashem blessed me with the precious opportunity to do some kiruv– to reach out to a fellow Jew, and draw them with warmth and love, closer to the […]