Craft: Make a No-Sew Tissue Paper Queen Bee Costume for your Doll!

Hello everyone! I’m Sarah! You may remember me from the original Yaldah website. I am so thrilled that I get to continue to share crafts and inspiration with all of you here at JGU! Today, […]

Honey Comb Cupcakes

HONEY COMB CUPCAKES – You will need the guidance of a big sister or adult to make this fun recipe. Idea: Divide your siblings or friends into 3 groups and prepare a different part of […]

“Be A Bee” Writing Ideas

“Be A Bee” Writing Ideas Get published on our website. Here are some topics to get you started. 1. Write a poem from the perspective of a bee. 2. Write a fiction story that brings […]

Be A Bee Games

“BE A BEE” GAME Are you wondering what you can do with your friends at a JGU Meetup? Well, here is your answer. This game is also a great opening for a discussion about how your […]

Buzzing Bees & Birthday Blessings!

Greetings From Nechama – Buzzing Bees & Birthday Blessings! I had the pleasure to celebrate my birthday in our JGU Virtual classroom with women and girls. My husband, Rabbi Avraham Laber, who raises bees as […]