Are you wondering what you can do with your friends at a JGU Meetup?

Well, here is your answer. This game is also a great opening for a discussion about how your group can add more sweetness into the world in the New Year.

Have a fun & meaningful time! We would love to share your Meetup pictures with the JGU family. Please email to or share on our Jewish Girls Unite Facebook page.



Act out anything in the following categories without using words.

  • Favorite Mitzvah or Holiday
  • An animal
  • A place to visit
  • A summer activity


Q: What skills did we need to be successful?

We needed to communicate in a creative way, using our body language.  Our challenge was to communicate a message so that others can understand.

Q: How is this game connected to the “Be a Bee” theme?

Bees communicate very well without any words. They accomplish so much as a team and communicate to each other through their dances that result in sweet honey. If a tiny bee can achieve so much without words, how much more can we accomplish with the K’oach Hamidaber – the power of our words.

If a teeny tiny bee can accomplish so much and bring sweetness to the world, let’s remember that we don’t have to be big leaders or even adults to start making the world a sweeter and happier place.

Let’s start today and share ideas for how we can “Be a Bee”.

DISCUSS: What can we do as individuals and together to make the world a sweeter place this YEAR?

 Please submit your answers on our JGU Forum.