Greetings From Nechama – Buzzing Bees & Birthday Blessings!

I had the pleasure to celebrate my birthday in our JGU Virtual classroom with women and girls. My husband, Rabbi Avraham Laber, who raises bees as a hobby, provided insight into the great wonders of a tiny bee and we shared fascinating lessons for a sweet new year.

My baby Baruch wore a shirt with a picture of a bee and the caption, “Don’t be fooled by my size.” What is the message sweet friends? Look at the sweetness a tiny bee brings to the world. A birthday is the day to remind ourselves that we should never ever feel too small or too young to make a big difference. On our birthday our Creator said, “I am giving you a body, a soul, and a divine mission. I have complete trust in You.” At birth, He gave us all the tools to fulfill our unique mission for which we were created, just like He created the bees with all the tools to produce honey.

Sometimes, our mission can even be alluded to in our Birthdate. I was born on the 28th day of Av. In Hebrew 28 is Koach, which means strength. The Hebrew month is Menachem Av – which means “Father comforts. I noticed the meaning in my birthday for the first time. I realize that I was given the “Koach AV” strength of my father and the “Menachem AV” the comfort of my father to accomplish the mission to carry on my father, Rabbi Wasserman’s Legacy (of blessed memory) of Jewish education with love and joy.

On my birthday, I fully recommit to this mission and with the help of G-d, Leah Caras and Susan Axelrod, we have launched many new features at our website www.jewishgirlsunite.com that will inspire girls and help us create a sustainable organization. My birthday resolution is to expand the JGU team with extraordinary women and girls who are happy to bring more sweetness into our world by supporting our Jewish girls.

My husband helped me realize that when I see a bee, I have a choice to see the sweetness or the sting. When we live each day with the realization that we have the power to see the blessings in the smallest things, we create sweetness for ourselves and everyone around us!!!

Yes! It is a blessing to see the blessings in our world! Thank you Rabbi Laber and baby Baruch, (Baruch means blessing!) my little blessing, for teaching me this profound truth!

My birthday blessing to you is that Hashem should give you the wisdom to see the blessings in the smallest things in your life!
I bless you with the Koach – strength to see your own strengths and fulfill your unique purpose!
I bless all of our Jewish sisters and brothers with the ultimate Menachem Av – comfort by G-d, our father with the coming of Moshiach!

With Blessings,

Nechama Laber