Parshat Balak: Road Block or Mental Block?

BS”D This parsha post is dedicated in merit of Rena Daniella bas Basha Leah, Chavie bas Yael, and Hadas bas Dalia, all for a safe, healthy and blessed pregnancies and births. ********************************************************* Empowered by Hashem’s blessing […]

Parshat Balak: The Root of Our Blessing

BS”D Good Erev Shabbos all wonderful readers!  This week’s parsha post should be l’ilui nishmas Chaim ben Clara (Gilman). ********************************* Today, we are going to unlock and delve into a few highlights from the first of […]

Introducing… Chaya Mushka Kievman’s Parsha Songs! — Parshas Balak

BS”D Balak asked Bilam to curse (chas v’shalom) every Jew He told him- he’ll get lots of money and honor, too When defying Hashem by going on his way  His donkey to him did say […]