Balak asked Bilam to curse (chas v’shalom) every Jew
He told him- he’ll get lots of money and honor, too
When defying Hashem by going on his way 
His donkey to him did say
“Why did you hit me three times?”
A malach told Bilam- ” Only what Hashem says may you mime”,
When he came to Balak and greedily expected a feast
He got only a drop of meat 
At the mountain he wanted to do for the Yidden bad
But how it turn out made him sad 
He did say Ma Tovu and other blessings for us on that day
Afterwards many more brochos he did say
When Bnei Yisroel , tempted by the Midyanim did sin 
Many of them were killed by din 
Pinchas killed Kozbi, and Zimri too
Because it was the right thing to do 
A plague raged, action by davening Pinchas did take 
The plague then stopped and a big kiddush Hashem he did make