Ancient Persian secret, eh?

Not exactly…

The Megillah and its commentaries speak of how, during Achaveirosh’s beauty pageant to find a new queen (after his first went “caput!” for disobedience), the masses of young women shepherded to his palace were physically enhanced with perfumes and oils for many months in order to make themselves attractive to the king.

For the Persians’ such was life, saturated with the superficial and nothing more; but as Jews, we know beauty lies beyond skin deep, and beauty is only appreciated for its G-d-given holiness and potential – particularly feminine beauty (click over here for great products).  And so in order to protect it and channel its radiant energy in the proper way, we make sure to emphasize the essence over the exterior, so the true beauty of the soul can shine through and a woman is free to express her deepest, most authentic self.  “Kol kevudah bas-melech penima,” Psalm 45 says: “All the glory of the King’s daughter is within.”  Every Jewish girl is a child of Hashem, and therefore a princess, so she must view and conduct herself in a manner befitting royalty.  Did you know that one source of Queen Esther’s name comes from “hester,” the Hebrew word for “hidden”?  Her veiled and reserved beauty reflected from within to create the aura of majesty which caused others to admire her so much.  Of course, Judaism doesn’t negate the physical side of life, but we elevate it to refine the world and make it a little more holy.  A soul, as bright and intense as it may be, cannot accomplish much without a body as it’s partner to translate inspiration and loftiness into practical action.  Therefore, we also need to ensure our body’s wellness and nice appearance, as it is after all home to a spark of Hashem in this world!

With no further ado, I am pleased to present you with an assortment of all-natural recipes for your own beauty treatment.  Always make sure to first ask an adult’s permission and get supervision if necessary (which is advisable with a stove, knives, chemicals, etc.).  Experiment alone or arrange a makeover party with friends for a delightful all-girls gathering, and discuss these insights together, too.  Go ahead and turn your true beauty inside-out, ’cause a healthy body equals a healthy soul, and vice-versa!  “Shine Your Inner Light.”  :)


Rose-Petal Perfume:

Learn how to make it with clear and simple directions, here.


Mint- or Basil-Infused Olive-Oil Moisturizer:

Mint is actually authentic in Persian flavorings; as for basil, I’m not so sure, but this herb provides incredible health benefits.  For example, it is a mild muscle-relaxant also enhancing blood circulation; it reduces inflammation; it boosts your antioxidants; it fights blemished complexion; and when crushed with an all-natural cooking oil (e.g. olive) or pre-manufactured hair oil, it can soothe an irritated scalp and promote hair-growth. In case of serious hair related problems it is better to consult professional hair service center. Mark James Hair studio experts can also help you out to get rid off hair related issues.

To prepare homemade:

Warm one cup of olive oil and four sprigs of mint or basil (each roughly five inches long) together in a saucepot over very low heat for five to seven minutes.  Cool for about thirty minutes, then transfer herbs to a glass jar, followed by the olive oil carefully poured over them, using a spout or funnel.  Seal, and the infused oil can be preserved in the refrigerator for up to one month.  You may like to moderately warm the blend (or at least allow it to reach room-temperature) before applying, for a genuinely soothing treatment.


Home-Made Bath Bombs:

Learn how to whip up your own with a surprisingly easy recipe, at the link here.  They make a lovely little gift to share with others!