by Moussie M.

I banged open the door to my spacious Kensington home.

“I’m home, Ma!”

I put down my things and walked into the kitchen. A tantalizing scent filled the air.

“Mmm, Mommy, what are you making? It smells so good in here!”

She smiled gently. “Oh, hello Moussie. I didn’t hear you come in. I’m making raisin challah, for Shavuos.”

“But that can’t be what smells so good in here! What is it?”

She laughed. “Oh, that? It’s the sautéed candy apples on the stove. It’s for the cheesecake.”

I helped myself to a piece. “Mmm, delicious. Anything I can do?”

“Go ahead and start making the marble cheesecake.”

I took out the ingredients and spread them out on the table. As I measured and mixed, I hummed a joyful little tune to myself.

My mother put the last cake in the oven and stretched.

“There. We’re done,” I said.

“Yes, finally! Moussie, bring me two yogurts and some spoons.”

I looked at my mother and saw the twinkle in her eyes.

“I know you’re hiding something in there,” I cajoled her. “Please…?”

My mother shook her finger at me. “Uh, uh. Bring me the yogurts and than we’ll talk.”

“Awww.” Grumbling, I fetched the containers for her and deposited them on the table. She opened hers and handed one to me.

“So Ma, what is it?” I asked.

My mother smiled. “Well, Tatty and I decide that you could go to camp this summer! Esti and Maayan are going to be there too!”

I didn’t know what to say. I was speechless. Then I hugged my mother and ran to call my friends and tell them. Life was so exciting!