We had to write poems in class this year. We learned how to do spoken word poems. I want to share what I wrote with all of you. It’s about how we can do anything we want if we only want to do it enough. Nothing is impossible if you decide to do it.

The sight caught my eyes.
How precious, the baby bird peeking out of its nest.
So pure!
A happy sight.
A happy chirp I heard from it.
The wind, I felt blowing against my hair.
A flock of birds flew by. I smiled.
And back I looked at the baby bird in its nest.
It looked up at the flock above flying, but stuck in its nest it was.
I felt bad for the bird.
I saw it looking up hopelessly at the flying flock.

I stood there, I realized
At times, I’m that baby bird

August 2015, I was in camp.
It was the first week.
Unsettled, all alone, afraid.
No friends
No roommates
When my roommates did finally come, they had lice. A tear of fear out of my eye fell.
I was homesick.

Walked around, wishing I could reach higher and grow stronger then my emotions.
Everyone else was having a great time, and I, I wasn’t.
I was a little bird that couldn’t fly.
Looking up to those who were free.

After five days of sitting in my nest, I had to do something.
My way out, unknown,
But somehow, somehow I would get there.
I wanted to fly.
But my nest was way too high.
I was afraid to try – to let go of myself. To free myself of the limitations surrounding me – my nest.
Yet, I gave it a try.

I made up my mind.
“This is going to be better.
My month will change.
I’ll view it with a right eye;
With light.
Look at the positive,
Stay focused on my goal.”

A few days later, happy and calm.
Doing my job, having a great time.
Only then did it hit me. Yes! I did it! I flew!
I flew through my month, and through my whole summer.
I was a little bird that could now fly.
I was free like everyone else.

Two months later, emailing a friend.
I was telling her how much fun I had in camp.
She said, “What! You had fun?! You had crazy experiences!”

Now that’s the power of a decision!

Yes, a decision.
It’s all it takes to free yourself of all traps.
To use out your full potential.

I’m a baby bird each morning.
In a nest I’m placed to fly out each day.
I’ll learn to fly and grow each time.
I’m a little bird each day anew.