Parshas Tazria Song

To tune of: דידן נצח


When a woman gives birth to a baby son,
Through having a Bris Milah he enters the covenant of Avraham.

Speaking Lashon Hara brought Tzaraas on one’s skin;
In the times of the Bais Hamikdash he’d go to a Kohen.

If he was pronounced impure, out of three camps he was sent;
For gossiping about others, he must repent.

Parshas Metzora Song

To tune of: הרנינו לא-לקים


When the Metzora was healed the Kohen came;
He went through a process in becoming pure again.
Hyssop, water, red wool, two birds, wood from a cedar tree,
Were needed to achieve the Metzora’s purity.

One bird was slaughtered, the other things dipped;
In the Shechted bird’s blood which in the water dripped.
The Metzora immersed in a Mikva,
Shaved, brought a Chatas, Asham and Olah.

Tzaraas can be on houses too.
If after a week, the Tzaraas grew,
Affected stones must be removed – and treasures they concealed!
Through that, to Yidden, valuables were revealed.

These treasures were hidden by Emorim;
On houses Tzaraas was given,
So Hashem could reward Tzaddikim.