This is the last parsha in the book of Devarim. Simchat Torah is here!

–          The parsha begins with Moshe blessing each of the tribes of Israel before he passes away, just like Yaakov did.

–          Here is what each of the tribe’s blessings were:

Reuven: life

Levi: serving in the Beit Hamikdash (temple) and teaching Torah

Yehuda: success in battle

Yisachar: success in Torah study

Zevulun: success in trade

Dan: might of a lion

Naftali: fertile land and sea

Gad: a lot of land

Asher: sons and olive oil

Yosef: sweet fruits on his land

Binyamin: be “beloved” to Hashem

–          After blessing the tribes, Moshe looks at the land of Israel from Mount Nebo, and then passes away on that mountain, at age 120. The Jews mourn for thirty days, and then Yehoshua becomes the new leader.

–          The parsha ends off saying what an amazing leader Moshe was.
Moshe says in the parsha, “Who is like you, O people whose salvation is through Hashem.” Rashi emphasizes that the salvation of the Jewish people depends on Hashem. Hashem is our shield and can save us in any situation. Not only should we take this as a lesson for the Jewish people as a whole, but also for each individual. Hashem can save each one of us from any situation, for He controls the world.

So what is a situation where you had a lot of faith that Hashem would help you?

Enjoy Simchat Torah!

<3 Tamar