Untitled drawing (7)

By Tonya Shmukler
Esav was ready to kill his brother Yaakov after Yaakov received the birthright and blessings. Yaakov ran away to Charan and lived there for 20 years in hiding. Now Yaakov was ready to make peace. He sent messengers ahead to his brother and sent him loads of presents and animals to appease him. The messengers reported that Esav did not want a truce, and was coming forward with 400 armed men. Yaakov genuinely wanted peace and was willing to go ahead for it, but Esav was not willing to put aside his own ego.
Thought to ponder: How many times does our ego get in the way of peace between us and others? Often, so much time is lost in disagreement when it could be replaced by a meaningful relationship. Life is too short to hold grudges. Sometimes we need to let go and forgive.