Hey everyone!

Whew! What a week! I had a LOT of schoolwork. What about you? How’s your school?

This week’s parsha is Vayelech. Here’s what it talks about:

–          It is the seventh of Adar, the last day of Moshe’s life. Moshe is 120 years old, and Hashem informs him that he will die. Moshe begs Hashem to let him live, but to no avail. He must die on that day.

–          Moshe appoints Yehoshua to be the new leader after his death.

–          Moshe tells the Jews about the mitzvah of Hakhel. Every seven years, the Jews will gather together and the king will read parts of the book of Devarim. After, the king will ask Hashem to bless the Jewish people, the Beit Hamikdash, and the service of the kohanim (priests).

–          Moshe finishes writing a Torah scroll for the tribe of Levi to put in the aron (ark).

–          The parsha ends saying that there will be times when the Jews will turn away from Hashem, and Hashem will punish them. But Hashem will never forget the Jews, and they will always return to Torah.


So we read about how Moshe pleads to Hashem not to make him die. Why did Moshe beg so much?

The answer is that Moshe lived every day of his life learning Torah and doing mitzvot. To him, every day counted. From here we learn to make every day of OUR life count. We should appreciate that every day can be used to serve Hashem.


And the question is…. How do you make sure that every day of your life counts? Is there a special mitzvah you do often? Make sure to comment below! I love when we can talk in the comments!


Have an easy fast on Yom Kippur!

<3 Tamar