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This week’s parsha is Parshat Toldot:

–          After twenty years of waiting for a child, Rivka Imeinu is pregnant with twins. Since very early on in her pregnancy, the two babies are constantly kicking inside of her. She wants to know what this means, so she goes to a great rabbi. The rabbi tells Rivka that the two babies inside of her will eventually be the fathers of two different nations, and the younger child will rule over the older child.

–          Eisav is the first to be born. He is read and hairy. Yaakov is born second, and comes out holding onto Eisav’s heel. The two boys grow up, and Yaakov is a good person and learns Torah, while Eisav is not so good and loves to hunt.

–          One day, Yaakov is cooking lentil soup for his father Yitzchak, who is mourning the loss of Avraham. Eisav comes home from hunting and is very hungry. He says to Yaakov, “Give me some lentil soup!” Yaakov says, “I will only give you soup if you sell me your right to be the firstborn.” Eisav is so hungry that he agrees to do this.

–          Yitzchak is getting old. He is blind, and wants to bless his children before his death. Eisav goes out to hunt food for his father. Rivka knows that Eisav will get all of the firstborn blessings, which Yaakov really deserves. So Rivka puts goatskins on Yaakov’s arms so that he will feel like Eisav, and sends him to Yitzchak. Yitzchak does not realize that the child is Yaakov, so he blesses him with Eisav’s blessings. When Eisav finds out that Yaakov took his blessings, he wants to kill him. Therefore, Rivka sends Yaakov to Charan to be safe.


Why was Eisav so good at hunting? The reason is because he had a very special outfit. The outfit that Eisav wore to hunt was made of snake skin and had pictures of animals on it. The pictures looked so real that when he would go to the field, all of the animals would be attracted to it. Hashem had made this outfit for Adam, but King Nimrod later took it. Eisav killed Nimrod, and stole the outfit. On the day of Yitzchak’s blessings, he had told Eisav to go hunt with his weapons instead of the outfit, so it took him longer to catch meat, and Yaakov was able to go to his father Yitzchak.


Yitzchak and Rivka waited twenty years for children. That’s a long time! When did you wait for something for a really long time? Did it come in the end? Be sure to comment about it!

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