Hey Everyone!

I hope you are all doing great! I had a busy, busy week, but I enjoyed it anyway.

Now to my job :) : Let’s talk about the parsha!

This week is a double parsha, meaning that we read two different parshiot together. They are Tazria and Metzora.

These parshiot talk about how long a woman is impure after giving birth, and also about tzaraat. Tzaraat is a disease that could appear on a person’s skin, clothing, or home. Big splotches would appear. The most common reason for getting this disease was for saying lashon hara, which literally means “evil language”, but to us…. gossip.

Sometimes, we’re just so mad at our friend, our teacher, our boss… whoever it may be. We want to let it out, so we tell someone about who we are mad at. Even if what we are saying is true, we still should not be saying it.

A short while ago, Google invented something called “Google Goggles”. Basically, a man came home a little drunk and really mad at his boss, so he quickly wrote a really disrespectful email and sent it to his boss. The next morning, he reread the email and thought, “Oh my, what was I thinking?” Using “Google Goggles”, you can program your Google account to ask you a math question before sending an email. Therefore, they figure if you are capable of answering a math problem, you are sure of your email.

When we are really mad, we should think before we start gossiping about who we’re mad at. Give it a day or two…. chances are, you won’t want to gossip after all.

So here’s a question: How do you prevent yourself from gossiping?

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<3 Tamar

P.S. I got this from a video on Chabad.org. It’s really a great website!