By Chanie Gourarie

In Parshat Naso it does say,
That if a husband suspects that his wife did stray,
He brings her to the Beit Hamikdash right away,
Her loyalty is tested on that day.

Hashem’s name is written on a parchment with ink,
It is placed in a cup of water which she must drink,
If she is guilty her death is imminent,
She is blessed with beautiful children if she is innocent.

Why would Hashem agree,
To have his name erased totally?
Hashem agrees wholeheartedly,
Because a Jewish marriage is so holy.

There is nothing greater in life,
Then bringing peace between a husband and wife,
Because a marriage joins two halves of one soul together,
We must do all we can to make a marriage last forever.

From this portion we learn a marriage tip,
Every day, one needs to work on their relationship,
There are three P’s to keep the peace,
So that a loving relationship will only increase.

If one is upset at their spouse they should not respond right away,
They should take a PAUSE, before something they say,
They should look at the situation from another PERSPECTIVE,
Giving the benefit of the doubt, is much more affective.

The most important thing to remember,
Is that a spouse is a treasure,
Because a spouse is a PART,
Of a person’s soul and heart.