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This week’s parsha is Parshat Korach. Here’s the summary, with a little help from chabad.org (as always):

– The parsha tells us of a man named Korach, who was a Levite, and got to carry parts of the mishkan when the Jews traveled. Yet, he was jealous of Moshe and Aharon, for they were the Kohen and the leader, and he felt that he should be a leader as well. Korach gathered a large group of people to join his rebellion and went to Moshe and Aharon and said, “Why are you two the leaders? Isn’t every Jew holy? Why do you raise yourself above the others?” Korach wanted to prove that he deserved to be a Kohen, so he prepared incense to bring to Hashem. Aharon also prepared incense. But suddenly, the earth opened beneath Korach and swallowed him and all of his followers, thus proving that Moshe was the true leader, and that only the Kohen, Aharon, could offer incense.

–          Some Jews were still upset at Moshe and Aharon, so Hashem caused a plague amongst them. Aharon offered incense for the plague to stop and it did. The parsha ends with Hashem causing another miracle to prove that those of Aharon’s family are the only true Kohanim. Aharon’s staff began growing almonds.

Why was Korach the only person in Jewish history to be swallowed by the earth? Why did he deserve such a punishment? Others had sinned before him, and would sin after him as well! Yet no one else had the same death as him!

Korach was the first to divide the Jews. When he began questioning Moshe as leader, other Jews began to question Moshe as well. It was the first time that Moshe’s position was doubted, and that the Jews were divided. Therefore, Korach’s punishment was so severe, for it was because of him that the Jews were not united.

And so here comes the question: How is unity important in your life?

Last week’s post had a different question mark, but it seems the crowd likes the other one better! :)  So here’s the green question mark again!

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