In this week’s Torah portion, Korach does declare,
“For Aharon to be the Kohen Gadol isn’t fair!
At Mount Sinai, we all heard Hashem speak,
We are all equal, no one is unique!”

For 5 months Aharon was working diligently,
What happened to make Korach revolt suddenly?
The answer lies in the previous Torah portion which mentions,
The sin of the spies who had good intentions.

About the promised land, the spies spoke negatively,
Because they wanted to live lives of spirituality,
In the desert, Torah, the Jews could study,
About food and clothing, they wouldn’t have to worry.

But the spies didn’t realize,
That action is the most important thing in Hashem’s eyes,
Learning Torah all day is great,
But a home for Hashem, we need to create.

For the Jews to enter the land of Israel was Hashem’s desire,
Hashem has a mission for us that is higher,
From the physical we shouldn’t shy away,
We need to elevate the physical every day.

Korach’s approach was the opposite of the spies’ view,
If the most important thing is what we do,
Then he mistakenly thought it doesn’t matter how or who,
Why can’t the high priest be any Jew?

“In the morning” was Moshe’s reply,
To make our Mitzvot shine we need to try,
In the morning the sun’s rays give light,
Action is most important but devotion makes our Mitzvot bright.

Action alone is like a plain cake,
With icing and sprinkles you can enhance the cake you bake,
To think that action alone is enough was Korach’s mistake,
A beautifully decorated colorful cake we can make!