Hope everyone had a good week! I had finals in school! :( But writing the parsha blog always makes me feel better! :)

So let’s get to parsha: – The parsha starts with the instructions for Aharon, who is the high priest, to light the menorah in the mishkan.

–          Then we read about the Leviim (Levites) starting to work in the mishkan. Every man from the Leviim between ages 20 and 50 served in the mishkan.

–          We also read about Pesach Sheini (literally, “Second Passover”), which is a day for all of the people who were impure on Pesach and could not bring the Korban Pesach to bring it.

–          Then the parsha tells us about how the Jews camped in the desert, including the man, which was the food that they ate.

–          Miriam, Moshe’s sister, speaks about him, so the parsha ends off telling us that she is stricken with tzaraat.

Now for the Dvar Torah:

When the Jews were in the desert, Hashem basically provided for them. Every day, man came down to the Jews, and they even got water from a rock! Yet throughout the years in the desert, the Torah tells us that the Jews were always complaining.

We should try to learn from the Jews’ mistake and always have trust in Hashem that He will protect us. We should not complain about the little things that go wrong in our life, as the Jews did.

The question is a little different this week: I have been doing the parsha blog for some time now, so I would love to know your thoughts on it! What do you like about the parsha blog? What do you dislike? What would you like to see on the parsha blog?

<3 Tamar