By Chanie Gourarie

In Parshat Bechukoti, the Torah does say,
The rewards we will get, for walking in Hashem’s way,
But why is it that in exile we don’t see,
The rewards that Hashem promises immediately?

If we look back in history, the contrary we see,
The most righteous Jews suffered terribly,
Why is it that the Jews suffer persecution in every generation?
Why are the most evil always running after the Jewish nation?

The answer is that during exile Hashem is concealed,
G-dliness is not revealed,
Holiness and spirituality are hidden but very much alive,
Evil is attracted to holiness, because that is the only way it can survive.

The end of the exile is like the labor pains before birth,
But when Moshiach comes, evil will be eradicated from this earth,
All the veils, curtains and obstacles will be dissolved,
With G-dliness, Torah and Mitzvot we will be involved!

The world will be in a perfect state,
To enjoy fruit that we plant, we won’t have to wait,
Everything will be absolutely great,
With a parable, all the above, we will illustrate.

There was once a king who was as lost as could be,
In the deep forest, tree after tree was all he could see,
His hunting party was nowhere to be seen,
It was like a terrible dream.

Suddenly, rain began to fall,
There was no one to hear his call,
He didn’t have an internet connection or a cell phone,
He was drenched to the bone.

In the distance he finally saw a small light,
In the clearing there was a small hut in sight,
Moshe the Jew, opened the door right away,
He offered his guest a place to stay.

Moshe gave his guest whatever he had,
With goat’s milk and straw the king was glad,
The next morning, Moshe took his guest to the city,
The king was as grateful as could be.

The next day, a royal carriage did arrive,
Moshe was taken by surprise,
Moshe came before the king,
He was rewarded with everything.

A few days later, Moshe did meet,
His friend Yankel, walking down the street,
When Yankel heard what Moshe did for the king,
He decided to try the same thing.

To bring goat’s milk and straw to the palace, was quite silly,
Yankel was thrown out of the palace immediately,
In the forest, the identity of Moshe’s guest was unclear,
Therefore the goat’s milk and straw, to the king, was dear.

To the bitter exile, the forest does compare,
In our exile, Hashem is hidden but near,
Every Mitzvah to Hashem is so precious and dear,
We will receive the greatest rewards with Moshiach this year!