We are nearing the time of Shavuos. It usually is near to this parsha, Bamidbar. On Shavuos, we received the Torah.

Bamidbar means “in the desert.” There is a big connection between the desert and the Torah, especially since we received the Torah in the desert, on Har Sinai.

The desert is open and not owned; the Torah also isn’t owned by any individual – everyone has an equal share in it.

Also, the Torah and the desert are even more connected – the desert is hot, has no water, and has very little food. When we (our forefathers) got the Torah in the desert, they depended on Hashem for all their needs. They eagerly received the Torah joyfully and trustingly.

Even if we sometimes need things, we shouldn’t let them worry us and trust that Hashem will provide us with what we need like he did for our forefathers in the desert during Matan Torah.

Source: Chabad.org