TUNE: Podoh V’Sholom


Korbanos bring us close to Hashem;
The following animals shall be brought by the Yidden:
Cows, sheep, pigeons or doves.
The poorest Yidden brought flour and oil for loaves.
They brought korbonos to atone for their aveiros or as nedovos –
Nedavos were voluntary Korbanos.

The Bais Hamikdosh is almost here,
We’ll soon see it very clear.
In the meantime davening is in its place,
In the direction of Yerushalayim we face;
We will bring Moshiach in great haste

If someone did a sin,
They brought a korban that’s the din;
Whether a chatos, olah or oshom he had given,
By Hashem he was forgiven