Tune: אל תירא


Yaakov had a favorite son,
It was Yosef, his special one.
Yaakov made Yosef a woolen coat to wear,
‘Coz Yosef was born to him in His later years.
The brothers to Yosef had jealousy,
They couldn’t speak to him peacefully.
Yosef was thrown in a pit full of snakes,
While the brothers sat down and ate.
Yosef was sold by his brothers,
To Arabs, Midyanim and others,
Yosef’s coat, in blood they did dip,
Asked Yaakov if He recognized it.

Seeing the coat, Yaakov assumed that day,
That he was killed by an animal on the way.
Yaakov was very, very grieved,
And mourned and mourned indeed.
In Potifar’s house, Yosef was tempted to sin,
But in the end he didn’t listen.
Potifar’s wife was angry that he hadn’t listened,
So Potifar got Yosef imprisoned.
The butler and baker- strange dreams they had,
Yosef found that’s why they were sad.
Yosef first explained the butler’s dream
He had asked: What it does mean?

In three days, on Paroh’s birthday,
You’ll be free, in the prison you won’t
need to stay.
But the baker, in three days your fate will be,
That you’ll be killed and hanged on a tree,
Then Yosef told the butler, remember me,
Try to tell Paroh to set me free.