Tune:  הוא אלוקינו


Rivka was barren for twenty years,

Although after that Hashem listened to their tears,

 Rivka Imenu has twin sons- Yaakov learned in the tent,

 Eisav, to hunting, in the field he went,

 Once, when Eisav wanted some food,

 He was in a tired mood,

 He wanted to be fed,

From Yaakov’s lentil soup that was red,

 “I’ll do it if the birthright you’ll sell me”, he was told,

 So, the birthright he sold,

 Yaakov, the brochos he got,

 Eisav got angry at Yaakov a lot,

 Rivka told Yaakov, “To Charan, flee,

 So at Lavan’s place, you will be”,

 “And stay there until,

 Eisav will not want to kill”,

 The brochos Yaakov got teaches us a lesson too,

In everything we do,

We use our voice to be kind, הקול קול יעקב

And have other people in mind,

Eisav’s family-They use their hands,

 To go against Hashem’s commands,

But we use our voice to help others,

Our beloved sisters and brothers.