Tune: והיא שעמדה



We were slaves,

In slavery we lay,

To Pharaoh the king,

He was very mean,

But we knew that one day,

Hashem’s Kind Hand

Would save and bring us to the Promised Land

אלא שבכל דור ודור עומדים עלינו לכלותינו

  והקדוש ברוך הוא מצילינו מידם.

”Into the Nile shall be,

every male baby,”

Was Paroh’s decree.

Since Paroh knew,

The imminent birth of the Saver of the Jews.

Amram and Yocheved and couples so many,

Separated  ‘coz of the decree,

But because of Miriam’s advice they did remarry.

“Paroh only decreed on the men,

While you are preventing the birth of women,”

Miriam had Nevua,

That the Jews will have a Yeshua,

From her parent’s future baby,

Who’d take them out of slavery.


Fulfilled now, was Miriam’s prophecy,

Yocheved gave birth to a male baby,

But Paroh’s soldiers to kill him would soon be here,

To kill him, they were really near,

The family were full of fear,

To keep him they did not dare.


Yocheved had an idea,

A casket she did make,

With her son in it she did take.

In the Nile her brother’s casket was placed,

While Miriam by the Nile Reeds, Miriam did wait.

Miriam staunchly stood, as she was waiting to see,

With her brother, what will be?


Basya was bathing at the Nile

And after a while,

She saw something light,

A baby so bright

Her hand miraculously grew,

So to fetch Him from the waters, she’d be able to.



After many long, hard years,

And after many people shed many tears.

At a thornbush, Hashem told Moshe,

 That he was the chosen one,

And that it was time for their Geula to come.

Moshe asked Pharoah,

Let My people go,

But he said no.