Tune: ניגון לכתחילה אריבער


Hashem separated the Yidden, from the Goyim and Tum’ah;

Sanctify yourselves with Kedusha, “והתקדשתם.”

Only animals that chew their cuds and have hooves split,

From the animals on land, we may eat it.

 And from the fish in the sea,

Permitted to us are only

Those with fins and scales- but those that omit the signs,

Cannot be eaten at any time.

The eagle, vulture, raven, ostrich and many more,

Are Tamei, and may not be eaten for sure.

Through Mesorah is passed down,

Which birds are Tahor, and for us to eat them, we’re allowed. 

The locusts – yellow, white, grey spotted and red,

That have jointed extensions above their legs

Which they hop on

They are permissible to everyone. 

Non-kosher are other insects, and animals with paws,

And creepy- crawlies that walk on all fours.

We learn about the animals that make us Tamei,

We may not eat them any day. 

And if we act down here in a way of Kedusha,

Hashem will make us holy in Olam Haba,

And to Moshiach we will say “Baruch Haba!”