To Tune Of: אתה בחרתנו 
Idols shouldn’t be served at all,
Whether wood or stones from the wall,
Moshe spoke to the Yidden and he told them,
You must only serve Hashem.
All idols must be destroyed immediately,
Also destroy a worshipped tree.
Don’t listen to a false prophet, to what he tells you to do,
The Beis Din must kill him immediately too,
One who influences others to serve idols, indeed,
From the testimony of 2 witnesses, he is killed in speed.
We learn about an animal that repeats its chew,
And has split hooves too,
It’s a kosher animal that we may eat,
Once it’s  slaughtered, we may eat its meat.
We take maaser for the Leviyim to eat,
From different types of produce, like wheat,
The second tenth,  of your produce and wheat,
Take to Yerushalayim,
And there, the food you may eat.
Because we have a Mitzvah to eat Maaser Sheini,
In the Holy City,
We have an opportunity,
To get inspired as can be.
Give Tzedakah to the poor, lend a hand,
Be kind, was Hashem’s command.
Go to the Beis Hamikdash 3 times a year,
Your belongings will be safe, never fear,
The Shalosh Regalim, such special days,
Have extra Simcha then, the Torah says.
Share your Yom Tov food with the poor,
When they knock at the door,
When we open our hands to others, no one will be poor,
And we’ll merit Moshiach, for sure.