To the tune of: Al Tira

Pinchas got rewarded, for stopping the plague and making a Kiddush Hashem.
Hashem was showing that his zealous act was the right thing to do then.

Because the Yidden were soon entering the Holy Land,
“Divide the land among the Shevatim through a lottery”, was Hashem’s Command,

Without brothers or a father- Tzelofchad’s daughters wanted from Eretz Yisrael a part,
Even though there could’ve been many people like them, the fact that they asked Moshe for a portion shows how dear Eretz Yisroel was to their heart.

A portion from Eretz Yisroel was allocated for them.
This shows how much Yiddishe women loved the land of Hashem.

Hashem chose the next leader for the Yidden who could guide them and understand
Moshe was commanded to give some of his holy light to Yehoshua by putting on Yehoshua’s head his hand.

Yehoshua was chosen the next leader because He devotedly went wherever Moshe went,
And constantly wanting to learn from him never left his tent,

The Korban Tamid was brought daily, and the Korban Musaf was brought on Shabbos, Yom-Tov and special days,
May we merit the Geula and merit to be able the bring Korbanos again always.