Tune: ישישו


The people in Noach’s time did steal and kill,

But Noach didn’t follow them, he just did Hashem’s Will,

“Build a teiva,” was Hashem’s command,

Because soon I’ll bring a flood to the land,

The people had a big laugh,

When they saw Noach’s funny “arts ‘n’ crafts”.

Hashem said:” Bring of each non-kosher animal, one pair,

And of the Kosher ones 7 pairs, bring right here.”

Then Hashem brought the flood to the world,

For 40 days and nights the waters hurled,

In the teiva, there were plenty of animals to take care,

So Noach and his sons were running here and there,

Noach’s foot, the lion did kick,

Because he didn’t get his food quick,

When the rain did stop, Noach sent the dove away,

To find out if the land was dry enough to stay,

Noach left the Teiva, with his family,

Hashem blessed him to become fruitful and many,

Hashem to Noach did show,

Something unusual- the rainbow,

A sign of the promise of Hashem,

That He wouldn’t bring a Mabul on the world again.

The Sheva Mitzvos, he was told to keep,

He brought korbanos to Hashem for saving him from the waters so deep,

We should thank Hashem too,

Because He does good things for me and you.