Tune: הנרות הללו

After 12 long, hard years,
Hashem finally listened to Yosef’s tears,
What Pharaoh dreamed,
No one could explain it, it seemed.
Yosef was called to the throne,
“I had strange dreams,” Pharaoh moaned
Yosef said, “If Hashem will give me the ability
to understand,
I’ll interpret what will happen to your land,”
“Seven years of plenty, there will be,
And then seven years of hunger, you will see,”
Pharaoh was happy, he could now understand,
So he made Yosef second-in-command.

The brothers from Canaan did come,
He told his messenger, ”bring every one!”
He spoke harshly to them to-,
Make sure that Teshuvah, they’ll do,
He accused them of spying, and said, too,
“Don’t see my face again till you bring the
youngest here with you.”
At home, Yaakov was grieved to give his son,
But Yehuda promised he’ll bring him back
as one,
When they came back, a meal was prepared,
They knew this was trouble, so they became
really scared,
Yosef did tricks with his “magic cup” to show,
Where the brothers were meant to be seated-
he did know,
Binyamin was accused of stealing Yosef’s
“You’re a thief- HANDS UP!!!”
“The rest of you, in peace can go,
Binyamin will be my slave, you know”
The brothers didn’t know what to do,
And Yaakov would be grieved too.