Tune:  Atah Bechartanu/אתה בחרתנו
If someone mistakenly killed someone,
To An Ir Miklat he has to run,
There he is safe from the Go’el Hadom.
Sent far away from home, but near Holy Levi’im,
He would spend his exile  doing Teshuva for his sin.
In one of the 6 Arei Miklat or Levi’im’s cities he had to stay,
Until the Kohen Gadol passed away,
Because the Kohen Gadol was responsible to,
Daven that there should be, no accidental murderer (chas v’shalom) who is a Jew.
Sometimes accidentally the wrong thing we have done,
And the Yetzer Hara is like the Go’el Hadam,
We can then shelter ourselves with Teshuva, Tefillah, and Tzedaka,
And Be’Ezras Hashem, through our Teshuva, we’ll merit the Geula.