Tune: אנא עבדא:

Hashem said, “Go”,

“To the land that I will show”,

In Canaan it stopped to rain,

But Avram didn’t complain.

Pharaoh wanted to take Sarai to marry,

So Hashem punished Pharaoh and made Avram wealthy,

Lot and Avram’s shepherds fought indeed,

So they both separated in speed.

Hashem said: Your children, will be,

As many as the stars and sand near the sea.

They’ll be in Galus, but then with My Own Hand,

 I’ll bring them to the Holy Land,

Avram married Hagar since Sarai didn’t have a child yet

Hagar was proud since a child she would soon get.

Hashem said to Avram, “Have a bris milah too-

Show that you have the sign of a Jew,

We should listen to Hashem too,

In everything that we do,

Whether it’s hard or easy, we should fulfill His Mitzvos-

And then we’ll merit  bring Moshiach Tzidkenu.