Tune:הרינינו גויים עמו 


“Oh, heavens, listen to my word,
Oh, earth, this song should be heard,
You’re witnesses for Bnai Yisroel, 
That if they do the right thing,
From the heavens will fall raining,
The earth will sprout the seedlings.

Hashem, our Strength, Created us,
Who’s faithful, in who we trust,
 Who made us His nation in the Midbar, 
Raised us high, gave us everything,
Who carried us on His wings,
Gave us every delicacy there are.

The Bracha of forgetfulness we were given,
We used to forget Hashem and sin,
Hashem, upset, at His children’s deeds,
Said, “I’ll hide My Face from them, in speed.”

Hashem is the Only One,
Only He can decide the fate of everyone, 
And when Hashem sees we kept The Torah way,
Despite the darkness every day.

Hashem will punish those who did us bad,
And will bring us more honour than what we had.
All these nations will sing our praise,
That we followed the Torah’s ways.