Tune:  עוד ישמע


Avraham searched for Yitzchak for a wife,

 Since that was the wish of his life,

 At Charan, Eliezer arrived at the well,

 To see who’d be the mother of Bnai Yisrael.

 Eliezer asked a girl, “Can I have a drink?”

She gave generously to him and his camels in a wink.

 She invited him to her house, and soon after then,

Yitzchak became her Chosson,

In Rivka’s house, the Shabbos candle light,

From one week to the next, burnt bright.

The dough stayed fresh, and the cloud from above

Was always at their tent, to show Hashem’s love.


With all of this, Yitzchak realized then,

That this was a match, made in Heaven. (x2)