To The Tune Of:   הוא אלוקינו   


On the 1st day, Hashem did say,
“Let there be light!”
On the 1st day, Hashem did separate,
between day and night.

On the 2nd day, Hashem did say,
Let there be,
Sky as a separation,
Between the upper and lower sea.

On the 3rd day, Hashem did say,
Dry land there should be,
Fruit trees and plants for you and Me.

On the 4th day,
Hashem did say,
Let there be sun, moon and stars to give light,
They will be a sign of the day, and show whether it is day or night

On day 5,
Hashem made alive,
Birds,  bugs and fish,
And all types of creatures,
That in the water swish.

On Yom Shishi,
Hashem said Let there be,
Animals, including sheep and goats,
Cows, deer, lions, rams, and antelopes.

After that, Hashem put in life,
Into Adam and his wife,
A neshama Hashem breathed into him,
Because man was the one chosen.

After the creation, Hashem (from creating new things) did rest,
Knowing that the world was the very best,
It was the holy day of Shabbos,
A special gift to us.
A special gift to all of us.