I decided to try a new type: A question-and-answer d’var Torah. Tell me if you like it!

Where in this parsha are a nose, teeth, mouth, and the face mentioned?

Hashem warned Moshe that the Jews will eat so much quail that it will come out of their noses (Numbers 11:20). When the quail is given, the people who complained are punished while the quail is still in their teeth (Numbers 11:33). Hashem spoke to Moshe “mouth to mouth” (Numbers 12:8). When Miriam gets tzara’as, she has to be alone for seven days, which the Torah compares to seven days of shame a daughter would feel if her father were to spit in her face (Numbers 12:14).


Where are five vegetables mentioned in the same pasuk?

The Jews complained about the plainness of the mann, especially since they had much better vegetables in Mitzrayim, like the cucumbers, melons, leeks, onions and garlic (Numbers 11:8)


Which letter is in this parsha that is not part of a word or an actual letter?

The pasukim explaining the traveling of the Aron are bordered by two upside-down “nun”s (Numbers 10:35-36).


Source: Aish.com