Tune:  Yud-Bais Tammuz Niggun


Hashem told to Moshe,

Promises you shouldn’t say,

A woman’s promises can only be annulled at the end of the day.

Fight Midyan, make a war,

For they cannot make us sin anymore.

Hashem said to Moshe, “You will pass away,”

But still, Moshe did obey.

The Yidden didn’t want to go,

Since they knew their leader would pass away they were very reluctant and slow.

At the battle, when they fought,

The Midyanite kings  they miraculously had caught,

With all the booty from the war,

They had to kasher them for sure.

Some of the things were given to Hashem,

To thank him for the strength he had given them.

Reuvain and Gad said, “We can’t stay here,

Our sheep need grazing

To the east  of the Yardein, we want to go there.”

Moshe answered, “You’re just doing bad,

The People won’t want to go to Eretz Yisrael and feel sad.”

Moshe agreed,

But made them promise they’ll help their brothers on the battlefield.

They  said they’ll go in front of the war,

And agreed to help their brothers divide the Land going beyond the letter of the Law.