Tune:  ואלקים מלקי מקדם  ניגון 


Moshe was soon going to pass away,

Since the Yidden  were going to enter Eretz Yisroel in 36 days,

So therefore Moshe was instructing them,

On how to improve themselves and be more ready to enter the Land of Hashem.

Moshe Rabbeinu reviewed some of the journeyed Bnai Yisrael went,

And of the many Judges appointed by Moshe Rabbainu for each Shevet,

Who helped Moshe lead us and judge us all,

 Moshe reminded them to not favour one who has a big amount of money or small,

Moshe reviewed the story of the spies

And how instead of being grateful for Eretz Yisroel we cried,

Sichon and Og, Hashem had put in our hands,

Hashem saved us from them and helped us conquer their land,

Moshe said that the Yidden should feel lucky  and thankful that Hashem-

For 40 years in a pillar of cloud and fire lead them,

Moshe told Yehoshua, just like Hashem already put so many enemies in our hand,

Be strengthened and encouraged, you will conquer the Holy Land.