Hi everyone, I wanted to express my thoughts on the Parsha summed up in a poem form!


We got to make the bread

With flour full of honey to be fed

If we follow the path of our lives

Hashem will reward us with beauty that aligns us                                      

With the flow of glory and divine

Good or bad, don’t you see, Hashem is within me

All Hashem does, we’ll invest

 With his love that’s addressed

The bounty of goodness is a person’s choice

To change their viewpoint and rejoice

We always have a choice on this one star                                                                

To make a commitment that will go far

Even though we sinned Hashem will bless us within

Don’t desert Hashem our Creator

Because he’s our one and only communicator   

Even though we feel like giving up

Our emmunah will strengthen our luck

Noshan is our motivation to success

While we fulfill our promise and are blessed

A pledge is made to you not to abandon when growing old     

To always be brave and bold

With goodness and blessings to come along

Hashem will praise you in song

While we all sing along


Wishing You all a wonderful Shabbas!

–Malkie Peiser

Sources: http://jgu.wpengine.com/parshat-behar-bechukotai-going-against-the-grain/

  Special Thanks to my good JGU friend Tzipporah Prottas for helping put my ideas in line and for teaching me about this week’s parsha!