Music of Hope

This week at Music time instead of playing instruments we learned instead the four patterns of a Shofar


The first sound is called the Tekiah (T’kiah).- is One Blast

The second sound is called the Shevarim (Sh’varim). –is Three Blasts

The third sound is called the Teruah (T’ruah, teruwah- is Nine quick blast

Fourth blast called the Tekiah Gadollah (Great Tekyiah- is One very long blast in one breath.


I learned with my two brothers a story of how the shofar was heard by hidden Jewish people in Barcelona Spain. In Spain prohibited Jewish people to be Jewish and it was dangerous to practice Judaism.

A true story about a man who lived in 15th-century Barcelona Spain. His name was Don Fernando, who is the conductor of the Barcelona Symphony. But his family harbors a dangerous secret: They are Jews who lived in secret, forced to publicly give up their identity and practice the religion of the Queen of Spain in order to keep from being exiled or worse be killed. Don Fernando Created a free symphony consisting of instruments from around the world and one of the instruments was a Shofar.

The Queen of Spain was going to be there and all the other leaders of Spain. So secretly word was spread among the secret Jewish people to attend the free symphony on Rosh Hashanna. The Secret Jewish people of Barcelona Spain heard the Shofar that year in front of all the leaders who tried to wipe out all the Jews of Spain. That day on Rosh Hashanna the blowing of the Shofar reminded the  Jews in Spain that Hashem is King not the evil rulers of Spain. Rise to the cry of the Shofar that change is possible and that there is always a way. The Shofar is music of Hope.


Happy Meaningful Sweet Jewish New year!

 Shana Tova!

Sweet New Year Painting By Neshama Sari